DG is Reaching the Nations

The Discipleship Group ministry is commissioned by God to reach nations for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and promote the gospel with teaching that equips disciples to make disciples (Matt. 28:19).

One way we’re doing this is by translating our discipleship books into other languages. To date, this series has been translated into Spanish (DG Books 1-2), Chinese (DG Books 1-5), Japanese (Books 1-2), and Bahasa/Indonesia (DG Book 1). Each book, from start to finish, costs approximately $2000 to translate, edit, format, and re-design the cover to match the language.

The goal of The Discipleship Group is to adopt a country where the greatest impact can be made in shaping the culture and destiny of that nation. God has opened such a door to take our DG curriculum into the parochial and public high schools of Ghana, Africa. In September 2019, the high school principal and chaplain invited us to introduce our materials at their Presbyterian High School that housed three-thousand students.

While we were there, the chaplain hand-picked 30 facilitators among the freshman and sophomores to start their D-Groups with those who were saved during our weekend evangelistic crusade. Eighty-six students surrendered their life to the Lord and our newly inducted facilitators were ready and equipped to bring them into a discipling experience.

Two prominent teachers in that school volunteered to supervise the 30 student facilitators in their D-Groups of new believers through our DG materials. This is only the beginning and doors are opened to other high school principals and chaplains as well, who want our DG curriculum in their schools.

In 2019, The Disciple Group raised $4000 to purchase (for the Ghana schools) a brand new copier/scanner/printer, a laptop, printing accessories, a two-year service agreement, and large amounts of boxes with reams of paper. DG Book One was printed with each week’s lesson plan to hand out to the disciples every week for homework. This is the template and strategy God has given us to bring discipleship to that nation and the future generation of students who will go into college and/or the marketplace to bring discipleship to the people of Ghana.

The door has also opened in Ghana for us to host a future DG conference for pastors in the capital city of Accra, the capital of Ghana. Only God could do something of this magnitude.


Though Ghana is our greatest focus right now, other nations are being reached, too. The Disciple Group has active participants in our program in the nations of China, Japan, Indonesia, Ireland, and Liberia. As other nations open up, we plan to progress in our efforts to have translations available for them in their language. Wherever God opens the doors, we hope to send two DG representatives to train and launch future indigenous DG facilitators to start their own groups.

Each pin on the world map is a reflection of where participants are actively engaged in the six-part teaching and training series of DG books. A pin may reflect one or any number of D-Groups concentrated in that area. As the movement grows, watch for new pins being added to our international family of disciple-makers.

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