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How to Get Started

Getting started is always the hardest part.

Forming your own group is the most important step in your discipleship journey. You don’t need to be a seasoned Christian, just a hungry child of God who has recognized there’s something missing in your faith that isn’t being fulfilled in your church-life experience. Knowing this is where you start because what you’re feeling is being felt by others. I constantly get this statement from Christians: “I love my pastor, I love my church, and I have great relationships there, but I’m not fulfilled in my relationship with God. Something is missing. I know there’s more, but I don’t know how to find it.”

Sound familiar?

Finding like-minded people in this way is the first step toward forming your D-Group. It begins with fellow believers who want more and would enjoy going through a discipleship journey with you. Ask them if they have this question gnawing at their hearts, “How do I get more than what I have now with God?”

Corporate church gatherings are meant to celebrate God for his mercy and kindness to us. But that alone can’t bring you into a deeper level with God. It can inspire you to go there, but only you can bring yourself into the same level of intimacy the disciples experienced with Jesus. Which brings us back to the question: “So how do we get there?”

If you’re ready to do something about it, and want to form your own discipleship group, then follow these steps.

Dig Deeper. Grow Stronger. 

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Find three believers of the same gender, brothers or sisters in Christ you have chemistry with, who are hungry to know more about God, and want to grow stronger in their faith. Meet them one at time to see if they’re looking for the same thing you are. This is where you become a fisher of Christian men or women to bring them into a discipleship journey with you.

You’re like the hungry disciple, Andrew, who went to find Peter and Nathaniel to tell them to “come and see” Jesus, the Messiah. You’re the Samaritan woman who told her neighbors and community to come see the man who told her everything about herself.

All you need to establish in your first meeting with each person is the answer to this question: “Do you want more of Jesus, and are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there?” If that’s a “Yes,” then on to the next step.


Invite them to look up this website, watch my introduction video, and the video testimonials under “MEDIA” of others who are going through these books. Encourage them to check out the preview of each discipleship course, read the DG blogs posted, watch the Disciple-Makers Forum 2020 Event, and become familiar with the values of the DG Family.


Once they’ve done this, follow up to see if they “get it” and are willing to pay the price to go there. They need to know that discipleship is work. It’s intentional. It costs something. It will be a sacrifice of their time and effort to study. Ask them if they’re willing to make a four-week commitment to do 20 minutes of daily homework assignments designed to equip them with greater knowledge of God and a deeper level of intimacy with Christ? Ask them if they’re willing to meet once a week as a “foursome” for two hours to share their insights from the “track” study assignments each week?

If you can find three people of the same gender who are willing to make this commitment, then you have the foundation for a great adventure with others who want to become devoted, disciplined disciples of Jesus Christ.


Determine the best time and place for your two-hour weekly group meetings. Order Discover Discipleship from our “SHOP” page.

As the designated “facilitator” of your group, go to pages 44 and 48-50 in the Discover Discipleship book. This information will tell you everything you need to know about conducting a meeting.

Make sure everyone in your group reads page 44 and understands the essential dynamics of D-Groups. Establish it as the protocol for your meetings. Everything you need to know for going through the book is explained in each track assignment through the entire process. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have a great journey together.


Some D-Groups decide on a name for their group like “Abba’s Girls,” “Depth-Finders,” or “Fantastic Four.” Something that defines the combined personalities and make-up of their group. Send an email then to info@thediscipleshipgroup.com with the following information:

1) the name of your D-Group

2) the city, state, and country you’re from

3) the date of your first group meeting.

Encourage your three D-Group members to subscribe to our website family so that all four of you may receive our blogs, Q&As for disciples, announcements of new groups formed, future DG Forums, and believers from other nations creating their own group.

Welcome to the DG Family.

“Go deeper. Grow stronger.”

Dr. Jay Zinn
Founder/Author/The Discipleship Group

Changing the lives of others begins with a changed life in us. You can’t take people to a place you’ve never been to, and dreaming, hoping, or wishing for change to happen isn’t enough. Discipleship is a great place to start if we want to actively pursue a life that will spiritually influence others and leave a legacy of disciples behind.

A transformed life comes about by a systematic discipline of replacing old habits with new ones, something that requires sacrificing our time to achieve. Transformation is a by-product of “perspiration.” It takes effort to till the hardened soil of our hearts in order to receive the good seed and reap a bountiful harvest.

By definition, being a disciple is a “disciplined” lifestyle because disciples are perpetual students of Christ’s teachings. Reading and studying God’s word on a daily basis is what changes our hearts and feeds our spirit. Nothing else can because only God’s word is living and active. It is sharper than any two-edged sword and cuts as deep as the place where soul and spirit meet, the place where joints and marrow meet. God’s word judges a person’s thoughts and intentions. —Hebrews 4:12 (God’s Word Translation). If you discipline your life with a systematic approach to the study of Scriptures in the Old and New Testaments, you will be changed by God’s living, active Word.

The purpose of this discipleship series is to give you the tools to re-habituate your life with spiritual disciplines that can unlock the gate to a path of learning how to feed yourself. Our physical growth as children required daily meals and physical exercise. Our bodies changed constantly through this daily habit until we grew into the stature of mature, adult bodies.

It’s the same with our spiritual growth. We need the daily bread of God’s Word and the spiritual exercise of applying it to our lives. If we feed ourselves systematically, we will mature and change perpetually. Physically, we peak in our growth as the years go by, but never spiritually if we want to keep growing. We’ll always be God’s children, needing his Word to increasingly feed the interior us, which is our spirit. The result will be a constant transformation into the likeness of Christ.

As in our physical growth, our spiritual growth is up to us. No one can make us feed ourselves or exercise. It’s a choice we must make. A choice to sow the right kind of seed into hearts so that we’ll produce the best kind of harvest. Discipleship will get you there. It’s the method Christ used to change the lives of the men and women who walked with him during his three and a half years of public ministry. They went on to become perpetual students and followers of Christ’s teachings.

Disciples who reproduced other disciples of Christ.

Changed lives who changed lives.

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