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Kingdom Living – Pack of 20


Kingdom Living is an 88-day devotional introduction to the culture and language of God’s kingdom on earth. This book provides a daily dose of critical foundational studies designed to accelerate your transition into the world of Biblical Christianity.


Kingdom Living offers a daily dose of important foundational studies designed to accelerate your growth in the knowledge of God. Even more so, the subjects in this book are primers in the fundamentals for believers who are relatively new in Christ or have been around for a while and wish to shore up their foundations. You can start with this book before you dive into our Six-Book Courses of discipleship. The twelve categories in this devotional are as follows: The Kingdom of God, The Bible, God’s Nature & Attributes, Salvation, The Cross of Christ, The Church, Spiritual Disciplines, The Sacraments, The Christian Walk, The Eternal States, Discipleship, and Building Your Library.


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