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Countdown to Eternity


Countdown to Eternity is a concise account of Revelation’s events leading up to the Second Coming of Christ. If you’re trying to make sense of the geopolitical and global upheaval of world events and wars, this book will show how the Bible predicted these things unfolding. Written in a journalistic fashion, with a sound theological backing, you can become quickly acquainted with how the end times wrap up.


After four decades of teaching from the Books of Daniel and Revelation, Dr. Jay Zinn brings a fresh perspective for the church to understand the context behind these turbulent times. In this page-turning journey of unfolding events, the grasp of the apostle John’s prophecy will equip and prepare you for what lies ahead. Some of the topics addressed in this book are the role of Islam in the last days, the coming war in the Middle East, the global alliance of ten world powers, the opening of the sixth seal and its blood moon, God’s secret weapon for a world harvest, the rise of a religious ecumenical movement for the new world order, the bride of Christ and her miraculous abilities, the ultimate defeat of the antichrist and the false prophet, and tools for interpreting the book of Revelation.


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